Raffigura PickUp Gastone Aspirafoglie
Gastone, 100% electric pick-up with leaf and debris vacuum loader set-up
If you haven’t seen yet our electric pick-up with leaf and debris vacuum loader set-up in action don’t miss this article!

How are our ad hoc set-ups born?

We are a company always focused on our users’ needs, we apply solutions that suit the best for the electric vehicles performances. As point of reference both on italian and foreign markets, we have the responsibility to provide highest quality products even (or above all) when it comes to satisfy and support our customers through the study, the development and the production ofad hoc” solutions that satisfy the emerged needs in the most optimal way.

How is the leaf and debris vacuum loader set-up made?

This our nature has led to the birth of a new set-up for Gastone, our electric Pick-Up which has been equipped with a powerful vacuum, powered by the vehicle batteries, capable of brilliantly removing and shredding any type of leaves and debris on road surfaces, sidewalks, flower beds, squares, parking lots and so on. Furthermore the electric engine in addition to aspiring acts as cipper or shredder in order to reduce the collected material volume which gets precisely loaded insinde a cage fitted on Gastone’s platform.

What’s the use of this solution?

We’re talking about a very practical electric vehicle, characterized by a significant use simplicity, suitable for the maintenance of private areas such as resorts, hotels or campsites. It is also perfectly suited for cleaning public areas administrated by municipalities. As reminder all our vehicles are provided with European N1 homologation for regular road circulation. In one hand this is certainly an obligatory choice due to the constant growth of limited traffic areas, but in the other, using tools with no impact on environment is a really great satisfaction.

Esagono Veicoli Elettrici’s mission

Become our ally in the fight against CO2 emissions! We don’t have to stop living, but finding less impactful ways and tools to get the job done must be our common mission.

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