What management costs must support those who buy an electric vehicle Esagono Energia?

The operating costs of Esagono Energia electric vehicles are minimal, periodic maintenance is reduced to the verification of the mechanical parts while the engine and batteries do not require maintenance. The cost of energy is estimated at around € 1.5 per 100km. Thanks to the sustainability of electric vehicles, incentives are already active in various countries regarding purchase costs, insurance, road tax and access to restricted traffic areas.

Which is the consumption of an electric vehicle Esagono Energia?

The electric vehicles Gastone, Geco and Grifo are designed to optimize consumption based on driving style and application and are equipped with a series of features to optimize them such as recovery of energy during braking and deactivation of consumptions with the driver not on board. The estimated cost of a full recharge, that means a range of approx.. 100km, is around € 1.5 (average price referred to the Italian market in 2019).


How do I recharge an electric vehicle of Esagono Energia?

Esagono Energia electric vehicles can be recharged anywhere, on the road through the standard charging columns or at customer location / garage as they can be powered by a common 220VAC socket.

What battery do Esagono Energia electric vehicles have?

Esagono Energia electric vehicles can be equipped with lithium or sealed lead batteries (which do not require maintenance). The choice of the battery, in terms of type and capacity, is made on the basis of the vehicle usage needs.


Which certifications does Esagono Energia have?

“Esagono Energia” is certified for the production of automotive vehicles by the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport according to the UNI / EN regulations CUNA NC090-15 and CUNA NC 090-16. Its quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO9001-2015.

Are Gastone, Geco and Grifo electric vehicles homologated?

Our electric vehicles have the European Homologation N1 as a truck (directive 2007/46 / CE): this homologation allows the circulation on all public roads and the vehicles can be driven with the B license.


How is the quality of Esagono Energia electric vehicles guaranteed?

The electric vehicles of Esagono Energia are completely produced in Italy and guarantee high quality standards, in line with the requirements of the European homologation with which the vehicles are provided, Esagono Energia relies only on certified and recognized suppliers in the automotive sector, each component assembled on the vehicle is subject to homologation.

Are Esagono Energia electric vehicles safe?

Each of our electric vehicles is individually tested on a fully automated test bench. In line with the homologation regulations, it has all the devices that make it a safe vehicle. The frame is designed to be solid and resistant and a 10-year warranty is provided on it.


What guarantee do vehicles have?

The Gastone, Geco and Grifo electric vehicles are covered by a 24 month warranty; the warranty is extended to 10 years on the aluminium chassis and to 5 years on lithium batteries.

Where can I find spare parts?

Esagono Energia has a network of distributors who guarantee efficient assistance and guarantee the availability of spare parts. The factory guarantees the availability of standard spare parts for its network in maximum 48 hours.