Esagono Energia customer care is always near its clients and its partners, answering in real time to their needs. Our dealers and our customer care staff will be always by your side for:

  • Offer, technical and commercial requests
  • Support in offers technical development
  • Promotions
  • Orders and deliveries status
  • Goods availability


Esagono Energia technical support service offers always high-quality standards, ensured by the supply of original spare parts.

The attention to the details and the kindness of our staff are a key feature of our service. In addition, Esagono Energia supports its clients in the development and realization of ad hoc solutions based on clients needs.


Esagono Energia products has 24 months warranty from vehicle sale (extended to 10 years for aluminium chassis and to 5 years for lithium batteries)


Esagono Energia means quality, seriousness and reliability. Since purchase, the client is followed by an experienced staff. The After-sale service ensures assistance and maintenance thanks to a team of skilled professionals able to solve any kind of problem.

The supply of standard components and the regular availability of spare parts ensure a customer satisfaction within 48 hours ex-works.